Basic caning class. After learning how to condition polymer clay and mix colors,  we will make three basic canes:  a bulls eye cane, a skinner blend and a spiral.

                                                                       Spirals, bulls eye and skinner blend canes

These canes can be combined to form many designs. I will demonstrate how make complex designs from our basic canes:  geometrical  forms, leaves and flowers.  Participants will make one or more combined canes, as time allows.  Written tutorials will be provided.

Composite canes from basics

Canes can be used to embellish cards, cover boxes, or make buttons and more. In this class we will make beads that can be strung into a necklace like this one or made into a bracelet and earrings.

Beads made from basic canes


2 Responses to Classes

  1. Karen-Michele Bull says:

    Hi Laurel – I’m checking out your site. Do you sell any of your jewelry, and if so, what are the costs? The necklace you wore today (11/25) was beautiful. I see your pingree are Mokume…Ben’s and my wedding rings are Mokume! – Karen Bull

  2. Erika says:

    Laurel!!! so nice to see some of your work. love your blog…Take Care!
    Erika H

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