No elephants or sea creatures harmed : Imitative coral and ivory with polymer clay

Imitative coral

Lightweight and convincing!

On June 15, I’ll be teaching a class at VIA on making and using faux coral and ivory.  Polymer clay is such a great mimic that a coral vendor actually asked me where I bought the materials for this 100% polymer necklace.  I was thrilled!  Polymer coral involves using surface textures and paints applied to the clay body to imitate the pits and variations of the real deal.

These two pieces are made of faux ivory adorned with simple stripes and canes.

Zanzibar beads

Zanzibar beads

In this class, we’ll make the ivory and coral clay bodies and use texture tools to create design elements to make beads; we’ll also create a couple of simple canes to use.

We’ll use moulds to make an ivory pendant, which could be used by itself or combined with other beads.

To sign up for Ethical Amulets, go to

Pendant moulded from Chinese panel

Pendant moulded from Chinese panel


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