Winter in Montana

I had a great time cutting greens for a winder wreat. There wasn’t much snow in Whitefish, but that means more time to create and play!

I especially liked decorating a  couple of found NW objets with polymer.   Antlers are beautiful.  Dogs, however, find them with their great sense of smell and chew them as tasty treats, so you have to be quick.

Polymer on last year’s buck.   Winter in the woods is eerie and magical.

Friend Robin Madgwick left us great mobiles, so I hung a few polymer ornaments on one.
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2 Responses to Winter in Montana

  1. Gail Baymiller says:

    Great photos, Laurel. How did you get the blue cast-was it the time of day
    or your camera setting?

  2. These were taken in the late afternoon on slate grey wood with bluish light reflected from the snow.

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